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Importance of Karate in life

Small group of Caucasian kids in doboks practicing taekwondo and warming up for treining while standing barefoot.

Karate is generally considered as a system of self-defence, that predominantly focuses on punches and kicks, that can be used for ‘fighting’. Often people consider it as dangerous means which can bring physical injuries. This is one of the general wrong notions regarding Karate. Karate is never just fighting. Apart from that, it can be considered as a very solid and effective educational system. “If you are thinking one year ahead, sow seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead plant a tree. If you are thinking 100 years ahead educate people”, says a Chinese proverb, from which we can draw the importance of education and self-discipline.

There exists a notion that staying fit means eating healthy all the time and getting into strenuous exercise. This is a myth that is unacceptable. Rather than just focusing on a healthy diet and exercising, one needs to set up a healthy lifestyle that has a purpose and adds value to everyday activities. Karate is one such revolutionary lifestyle setter that positively impacts everyone’s life.

Karate training equips the trainees with tools and techniques that would save them from chaotic situations. Karate enables one to defend oneself from aggressors or bullies by effective self-defence mechanism. Since the reflex is so quick with the one well trained, these situations can be handled well. Also, when you learn Karate, you are not just learning to fight. You will also learn attitudes and strategies for avoiding the worst-case scenarios.

Karate has always been a set of Martial Arts, that is of paramount importance to everyone irrespective of their age, gender or geographical boundaries. Karate benefits trainees in every aspect of their lives such as physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Another set of benefits lie in developing balance, focus, respect, the discipline so on and so forth. If we analyze these aspects in detail, we can understand how positively Karate impacts the lives of those who learn it.

Through Karate, one can develop good habits. Human beings are undoubtedly creatures of habits. We form our set of habits from what we are exposed to. Once a healthy atmosphere is created that can influence our lives to a great extent. While Karate training, people learn to show up on time, to show respect to their trainers and opponents, to work towards a goal and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once we receive these good habits, they can be maintained for a lifetime.

Another significant aspect of martial arts is that it brings mental satisfaction. The feeling of being functional is undoubtedly a great one, which is effectively provided by Karate training. The trainees start to feel good about themselves, which results in a drastic increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. A positive approach towards life will be formed that enables them to take up any challenge that comes before them. The positive affirmation of “I can do it” will be what leads them forward to create their own success story.

Karate always demands the need for having a goal. Goal-oriented working will be one of the positive attitudes created among the trainees. The belting system in Karate is what boosts this behaviour primarily. Each day they are presented with a new challenge. The trainees will have to figure out effective ways to tackle these complicated situations. Goals are what brings meaning to our lives.  In Karate, people learn that every practice is another step to their goal.

The inception of Karate Kid Martial Arts Group was based on a positive mission to promote fitness and a disciplined lifestyle among the children and collectively build a better society. Karate Kid Martial Arts Group is ardently working towards bringing a positive impact to society by providing our next generation with a strong, disciplined, zealous, and wellbeing status.

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