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Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Karate Kid Martial Arts Group has a different Professional Trainers from different countries who are ready to teach/share their talents to the students. Our Trainers are certified, professional instructors who are trained in modern teaching techniques and martial arts skills. Our instructors are ready to help students achieve their full potential in a friendly, courteous and positive manner. Karate Kid Martial Arts treats our students as strong and independent individuals. Each student receives personal attention and encouragement while progressing at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced student, we have a programs that will fit your needs and schedule. Men, Women and Children of all ages enjoy the professional training and positive atmosphere that Karate Kid Martial Arts has offered across the UAE for over a decade. What makes us different from everyone else is our urging passion to see you succeed.

Our Mentors

Our Trainers


Method of Training 

SHOTOKAN – Shotokan was founded in 1936 by the legends Gichin and Yoshitaka Funakoshi. This is a style of karate the trainers teach students across all our braches that are developed from various martial arts by the legendary Gichin Funakoshi and his son Gigo Funakoshi.

Children Need Space to Grow into Champions

Children feel shy or get self – conscious in the presence of their parents or accomplices and don’t actually perform to their potential. Thus, parents are highly appreciated not to stay back inside the dojo during class hours and are requested to give children their space for their in comfort.

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