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Our Story

Our Story

The inception of Karate Kid group commenced when the founders who are professionals in their field of martial arts came together, with the intension of promoting fitness and disciplined life among the individuals and collectively build a better society. The aim was giving a healthy, fit and disciplined group who gets benefitted with every session and turn to a holistic life.
The journey of karate kid group started over a decade ago with accelerating speed. The voyage commenced from Al Nahda spreading to the areas of Qusais, Muhaisna, Lulu Village. When we started, the facilities enumerated karate & yoga that extended to Kung fu, Taichi, MMA, Kickboxing, fitness training, Boot Camp, Judo, Kapuvera, Moitie. Apart from regular classes we offer exclusive sessions for kids & women separately.We have an enormous list to substantiate our proficiency.

The Karate Kid Martial Arts program and recurring benefits

Karate Kid inculcate a sense of well – being through a sense of discipline, self – defense and physical rehabilitation, through their martial arts classes that help in training one’s mind, body and spirit to act as one. We constantly strive to induce harmony, but also learn effective and often devastating self-defense techniques through our martial arts training sessions for the benefit of society. Children, who get involved in martial arts, reap numerous benefits in several areas of life. Karate Kid works towards achieving a strong, disciplined, zealous, and wellbeing status for children in the UAE. We provide & contribute in carving our kids for a healthy tomorrow, along with a positive lifestyle. Our aim is to present children and the youth with an extraordinary platform to grow with full synergy of mind and body. Karate Kid helps students to propel the art of self-defense, discipline, and strengthening of mind and body, all through fun filled sessions in an easy going manner that would ultimately prepare them to tackle the ways of life.

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